Word of the day App – English – 5 Million+ Subscribers on Messenger – Now available on Android and iOS

We are proud to present the official Vocabulary today’s app which most of you know as English Vocabulary – Messenger Chatbot. We would also like to take this moment to thank our 5 Million+ patrons without whom this would not have been possible. 

This chat app is the all new avatar of the messenger version, loaded with exciting features which we are sure, you will love. Learning new words, playing word games, and improving your vocabulary just got a lot easier and fun than before!

Our chat-app is an upgraded version of our Messenger version since it is an all-new avatar power-packed with awesome/interesting new features. Learning new words, playing word games, and improving your vocabulary just got a lot easier and fun than before!

Click the link below to download:

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Want to enhance your grammar and vocabulary skills? Meet Shammy, your AI friend, who will stick with you through the process.

Features Shammy Offers

  1. Word of the day:

    Learn at your own pace. The app enables you to customise the number of words that you receive in a day to suit your learning need and style. These words are hand picked from popular dictionaries such as Merriam-Webster, Oxford, and many more. Shammy doesn’t stop there. With every word, you will get insights about the word’s grammar, meaning, example sentences, social media examples, famous quotes, synonyms, antonyms, and a lot more! To top it off, you can also master the word’s pronunciation with the in-built voice recognition game.

  2. Play with Friends:

    What can add more zing to learning than sharing the journey with your friends. We are coming up with the “Play with Friends” feature to challenge your friends to a live battle of words. Key in the responses first to win this game! Stay Tuned!

  3. Scrabbler:

    Need some help with Scrabble? Shammy is here to your rescue! Ace your game every time with the Scrabbler feature. Enter the letters and see all possible words that can be made using those letters. You also get to see the points that you will score to enable you to choose your next move wisely. Get started and show off your skills now!

  4. Word Finder:

    Need to find a rhyming word for your poem or make your mails sound more professional? The Word Finder feature allows you to do just that and much more. Look for synonyms, antonyms, adjectives..you get an idea..The options are endless, get exploring. (salkantaytrekking.com)

  5. Quiz:

    Everybody loves a challenge. Sometimes, it is just what you need to activate your brain and feel good about it. Vocabulary Builder’s app understands how good solving a quiz can make you feel and offers the same! Play the “Word Quiz Play Quiz” which offers to learn about five words every time you enter a quiz. Oh! And there is help too with a 50-50 option, just in case you get stuck. In no time, you will find yourself addicted to these quizzes and the idea of enhancing your vocabulary.

  6. Dictionary:

    If you have made up your mind to grow your vocabulary, then a dictionary is a must. With the technology of phones, we tend to switch to apps than carrying heavy books for a quick reference. But why consume your phone’s storage with different apps for different purposes? Vocabulary Today’s App is a one-stop-shop for all your word needs. In fact, Shammy’s dictionary is simple to understand, has a conversational style to make it feel personalized, and is spontaneous.

  7. Lessons:

    Learning is a limitless process until you choose to stop. But we do not wish for you to ever stop, because there is nothing better than staying up-to-date with the language. Undoubtedly, you will find a lot of interesting stuff in our author curate special lessons that will share some amazing topics with you. All you have to do is ask Shammy for some lessons, and you will get the week’s lesson in your hands! Read on the go, and never put a lid on increasing your vocabulary!

    You will find enjoyable reads like:
    a. 15 Conversation Starters to get along with any social group
    b. Halloween vocabulary worthy to be passed on to the next generation
    c. 8 New words added to the Oxford Dictionary 
    and more..

  8. AI Chat:

    We’ve already introduced you to Shammy, who cannot wait to be your beck-and-call friend. Whether you need a bed-time quiz or an early morning lesson to start your day, Shammy is at your service.

  9. Bookmark favourites:

    Just like we end up connecting with some people and moments instantly, it is the same with words too. Sometimes, you come across a word that you know you want to use again or may need it to share with someone. Mark those words as your favorite, and come back to them whenever you want. Shammy will treasure them for you until you need it.

    10. Hey! Did we miss out on anything?

    If you are amongst those who believe that satisfaction marks the end of learning and creativity, then we hear you! If you think that there’s more the app can have to make learning vocabulary a fun thing, then don’t put your thoughts away. Write to us at vocabularytoday.com@gmail.com with your ideas. We would love to consider them for our future updates.

    Vocabulary Today’s absolutely helpful app needs no more convincing! Download it now and get started on all it has to offer.

Use the below link to download the IOS and Android app:

For iOS click here

Download on Android Here


Download app on ios
Download the app on your iPhone

Download app on your android

The technical world is a hard place to achieve perfection, but we are those who keep trying. Our team has worked super hard to build this app for you in a way that we could include all of the above awesome features. But, things could go wrong sometimes. If you face such a situation when something isn’t working right on our app, let us know on vocabularytoday.com@gmail.com.

Be rest assured that our team will get straight to fixing the issue while you can stay prepared to give us a five-star rating! Appreciation is the best way to boost anyone or anything. Your rating and reviews will do just that for us. It would be of so much help to us, and the others like you who need a wholesome vocabulary app.

Have fun with our app, and get the best out of it!

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