What do the idioms in the following sentences mean? (Part-2)


Who will you support? Your husband, or your son? It seems like you are caught between the devil and the deep blue sea.

What does the idiom 'caught between the devil and the deep blue sea' mean?

1. to be stuck in the middle of something
2. to be caught between two undesirable alternatives
3. to be in a confused situation
4. to analyze a situation with utmost care

With an intervention from the government in this issue, we finally see a light at the end of the tunnel.

What does the idiom 'light at the end of the tunnel' mean?

1. to find success in something
2. to lose hope
3. to be in a delicate situation
4. to see signs of improvement

Many airlines across the world are in the red because of increase in oil prices.

What does the idiom 'in the red' mean? 

1. functioning in a loss or in debt
2. withdrawing from a dangerous situation
3. on the verge of giving up
4. competing with one another to succeed

Harriet is dragging her feet with the syllabus. She just doesn't want me to use the extra time.

What does the idiom 'drag one's feet' mean? 

1. to intentionally do something slowly
2. to be impatient
3. to waste someone else's time
4. to do something wrong

Jacob has vowed to move heaven and earth to make it to the end of this race.

What does the idiom 'move heaven and earth' mean? 

1. to hurry
2. to put in a lot of efforts
3. to stand firm
4. to try from all directions

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What do the idioms in the following sentences mean? (Part-2)

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