What do the idioms in the following sentences mean? (Part-1)


What? I have to pay 10$ for a glass of lemonade? This is daylight robbery!

What does the idiom 'daylight robbery' mean? 

1. To annoy someone
2. to overcharge for something
3. to sell cheap items
4. to be over ambitious

We will have to cut corners to be able to afford this trip.

What does the idiom 'cut corners' mean? 

1. to be patient
2. to save money and reduce expenses
3. to work two jobs and earn more money
4. to live in a dreamland

Meila is burning the candle at both ends.

What is the meaning of the idiom 'burning candle at both ends'?

1. To say two contradictory things in the same sentence
2. To work very hard and stay busy
3. To clearly say what one means or feels
4. To be surrounded by troubles

Sally was working against the clock with more than half of her work pending to be prepared for the client meeting in two days.

What does the idiom 'against the clock' mean? 

1. To work very hard
2. To work in a hurry
3. to go back in time
4. To work till late hours

Tom works as an executive in a company of over 1000 employees. He is just a small cog in a large wheel.

What does the idiom 'small cog in a large wheel' mean? 

1. someone who has another point of view
2. an unimportant person
3. someone who is not famous
4. someone who is a small part of a large set up or workplace

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What do the idioms in the following sentences mean? (Part-1)

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