Carve – dictionary definition or meaning, usage, quotes, and social examples

Carve [ kahrv ] What is the etymology of the word? The word carve is derived from Middle English kerven. What is this word’s grammar? The word is a verb, i.e., it demonstrates an action or an occurrence. Does the word have a past tense? What is it?
Yes, the past form of the word is carved.
What is the meaning of the word?
1. Cut carefully with sharp instrument
2. To cut into slice
3. Insculpt
4. Block out
How to use this word in a sentence?
1. You could carve him to pieces without hearing a cheep if he decided to keep his mouth shut. 2. He taught himself to carve to a high degree of proficiency. 3. He hopes to carve out a niche for himself as a leading researcher in his field of study. 4. Ask the man in the shop to carve the meat up for you. 5. Houdon then returned to France and proceeded to carve a Carrara marble statue of his subject.

What are some synonyms of the word of the day?

Some synonyms of the word are: chisel, divide, engrave, etch, fashion, hack, mold, sculpt, shape, slice, chip, cleave, dissect, dissever, form, grave, hew, incise, indent, model, pattern, slash, stipple, sunder, tool, trim, whittle, etc. What are some antonyms of the word of the day?
Some antonyms of the word are: combine, unite, increase, join, mend, sew, etc. Social Example:  
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